About Us


Pakistan is consistently ranked among the most philanthropic nations in the world. Yet on the other hand we are trapped in poverty as 60% (110 million) Pakistanis are poor – deprived of health, nutrition, education, energy and livelihoods. Research shows that we actually give a lot more money than is needed to eliminate extreme poverty. So why don’t we see more positive results? It’s because the country’s systems are inadequate and broken, and an alternative is sorely needed before it’s too late!

Overall, there must be a better way to collect and deliver resources to where they need to go most. The missing link is a platform where development actors can better work with one another to put the massive amounts of money and resources to best use.

For our exclusive donor clients, we aim to deliver a superior donor experience and gratification. We do this by utilizing technology to enhance transparency, accountability, impact evaluation and continuous feedback.

PDX employs an integrated multi-sector services delivery strategy for extreme poverty reduction. This would result in unleashing a massive wave of socioeconomic impact for millions across the nation.

Hence we felt the need to create the Pakistan Development Exchange (PDX), a unique “marketplace” which allows all stakeholders to plug in and do what they do anyways – but just do it more efficiently. Donors can access this platform from the convenience of their phones, while NGO’s and the poor gain access through community-based resource centers (that we call StreetBanks).

We are a group of friends. We’re professionals of varying backgrounds – all masters in our respective trades. Like most Pakistani’s, we were fixated with discussing the problems of the nation. Realizing this was not getting us anywhere, we decided a new approach – that we would 1) only discuss solutions, 2) we prefer to action over talking, and 3) we’d work together to harness all the energy and good intentions among ourselves and all other concerned people. So we decided to take on the biggest problem we know – poverty.

True to our plan, we first formed a company and defined our strategy to tackle the colossal problem as a sustainable social business. Secondly we have started acting by developing and testing our innovative products and services. And now we are inviting you to join us on this journey to positively change Pakistan… one community at a time.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead