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I’m Rehmat Bibi, XX, mother of 4 kids. Two of them got polio and can’t walk. My husband works at a mechanic shop. He’s really a cheapskate, and doesn’t spend on us at all. I don’t know where he blows all our money. So life is harsh. There’s a shrine nearby where we get one free meal a day. Some days we don’t, and walk back home hungry. I am happy that all my children go to school, even though we fall short on fees every month. This means they will grow up and have jobs and better lives. I know a way to earn more by stitching clothes, but I can’t afford a sewing machine. I would also stich clothes for my kids. For now, we wear what people donate, and eat whatever the Almighty has chosen for the day. My husband is our worst calamity, and because of him we’re barely making it through life.