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I’m Sabeeha, XX, a widow. My husband’s death 12 years ago left me devastated. Some widows move on, but I still haven’t recovered. All aspects of life were suddenly thrown into poverty – mental state, livelihood, and most painful was relations. EVERYBODY deserted us. Reason for living became my 3 children. I had to stay strong and determined. I guess one good thing that came out of this was the realization that I am not a powerless and worthless widow. By the grace of God, I’m starting to see the fruits of my patience. My daughter, 20, is training to be a beautician. My sons, 16 and 18, are training to be mechanics. I’m also thinking of opening a shop in my house-front if I can get a loan. We manage our lives somehow, by having blind faith in God. One must have perseverance to haul through the hardships that are a part of life. I’ve been carrying my kids through a field of glass grass… and I’m almost there.