My household will support this household with 5000/month for 2 years.

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I’m Umm-e-Baneen, a 60-year-old widow living by myself in a tent in Muslim Colony for the past 10 years. No one is there to support me financially since I have no kids and I lost my dear husband 8 years ago. I can’t labor in my old age and so I’m useless – nobody will hire me. I’ve gotten used to being homeless and shifting from place to place like a gypsy. I don’t mind anymore since nothing in life is permanent. What I can’t stand however is the hunger – sometimes going days without eating a meal. In desperate times I have to beg, which is the worst feeling. No matter how old I get, I’ll never get used to it. It rained a few days ago, and everything in my tent is still wet and cold. If I let my circumstances affect me, I would’ve died long ago from grief. But I prefer hope over fear. A better time will surely come for me…