PDX offers value-adding products and services to all stakeholders of sustainable development in Pakistan. For details on PDX’s portfolio of services, please download our brochure.


PDX offers philanthropic advisory, CSR consultancy, technology-based tools, and monitoring & impact evaluation services. We serve Companies, Grant-Making Foundations, Private Donors, High Net Worth Individuals/Families, and everyday Donors.


PDX offers resource mobilization, volunteer matching, capacity-building, partnerships, and communications services. We serve NPOs, NGOs and Welfare Foundations.


PDX offers a unique program for universities, where students, faculty, and centers of excellence to get engage in community service, social entrepreneurship, and applied research – all towards achieving a greater role in driving a sustainable development agenda.


For individuals, PDX offers a personalized service to solve their poverty-related problems. For communities PDX offers access to affordable resource centers that provide basic services like health, education, nutrition, microfinance, skills, welfare, sanitation, water, energy, and ICTs – catalyzing the transformation of the entire slum or village.